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Blade & Soul Gold

  • Server: NA - Yura
  • Member Discount: none
  • Price: $ 12.00 / 1k
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Current Promotion:

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About Blade & Soul Gold

Why buy Blade & Soul Gold from SEA Gamer Mall?

SEA Gamer Mall runs by experienced professional gamer. We has been selling blade & soul gold for China and Taiwan servers since its launches. Our experience makes the delivery of BnS gold fast, smooth and secure.

Blade & Soul Gold Trading Method

Blade & Soul Gold orders are delivered via Cross Server Dungeon or Auction House.

For Trading via Cross Server Dungeon, kindly contact Live Support for trade arrangement.

Fee calculation & Listing Method for trading via Auction House

SEA Gamer Mall COVERs 4% Auction House of transaction fees. Please use this formula > (Item Buyout Price x 1.04) plus some extra Bronze Coins to make an unique pricing.

If your order are 100 gold, kindly list multiple items. Example:

  • Item 1: (23G x 1.04) + 6B = 23G 92S 6B
  • Item 2: (24G x 1.04) + 8B = 24G 96S 8B
  • Item 3: (26G x 1.04) + 9B = 27G 4S 9B
  • Item 4: (27G x 1.04) + 3B = 28G 8S 3B
Blade & Soul Gold -Blade and Soul Auction House Blade & Soul Gold -Blade and Soul Auction House

Please list your item FIRST, then enter the details of your items listed in the Auction House in the order's Remark column.

  1. Item Name :
  2. Item Quantity :
  3. Buyout Price :
  4. Link of screenshot of your listed item:

Note: Please use to upload your listed items.

Current Server

NA - Yura