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Smart Cultureland Gamecard (KR)

Smart Cultureland Gamecard (KR)

  • Region: South Korea
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  • Cultureland Gamecard (KR)
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About Cultureland Gamecard (KR)

Cultureland Game Card(KR) 컬쳐랜드 is a popular DIRECT reload method to many games in Korea.

Cultureland Gamecard (KR) supported games

Any games with Korean words 스마트문상 or 게임문화상품권 show in-game reload options, it may accept this card to reload.

Below are some of the websites where their games support this card.

  1. Netmarble KR
  2. Onstove KR - PC Games as Lost Ark, TalesRunner, Soul Worker, CROSSFIRE
  3. Gamezemi KR
  4. DoOnline KR