DC Worlds Collide Diamond Pack

DC Worlds Collide Diamond Pack

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About DC Worlds Collide

Welcome to DC Worlds Collide! Crime Syndicate members have invaded Earth! Stand up and battle alongside some of DC’s most powerful characters! Batman, Superman, Wonder Woman, and other classic Super Heroes & Super-Villains from DC are at your command! Collect & upgrade your Super Heroes & Super-Villains and win with strategy in idle battles! Punish & defeat the Crime Syndicate with visually stunning hero ultimates and restore peace & order on Earth! We're counting on your heroics: you're stronger than you think you are! Fight alongside your super-team in this RPG world of cards!


DC Worlds Collide is an idle RPG with jaw-dropping visuals, officially licensed by DC. The gameplay includes collecting and training characters from DC Comics, battling your way through the game, and rogue-like RPG-style instance diving!

Recruit and Train DC Super Heroes & Super-Villains

Join iconic Super Heroes from the DC universe, including Batman, Superman, and Wonder Woman as well as Super-Villains like The Joker, Harley Quinn, and The Cheetah to protect the planet! There are more than 50 characters at your disposal! Enjoy this RPG card game anytime, anywhere!

Strategically upgrade your Super Heroes and Super-Villains, and eventually develop an unbeatable lineup - your enemies won't stand a chance in battle!

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