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Verified Webzen (KR) Account

  • Spiel: MU Legend (KR)
  • Server: Alle Server
  • Mitglied-Rabatt: kein
  • Preis: US$ 3.60
  • Lager: 0
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How to buy MU Legend (KR) game account?

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About MU: Legend Close Beta Account

Game Information

Official Website:

Game Client Download:

2nd Close Beta Test: 1 Sept - 8 Sept 2016

Account Description:-

  • - This is a iPIN/cellphone verified account.

  • - All account sold are guaranteed work for 7 days only. Which limited to account been ceased or cancelled by actual KSSN/iPin/Cellphone owner only.

  • - A brand new account with login credential will be provide.

  • - Please login and check immediately after delivery to ensure login credential are valid. Thereafter, any invalid login claim will not be entertained.

  • - Customer must update login password after confirm account are working fine.

  • - Recharges via Prepaid Card are possible.

  • - A Korean IP VPN or Proxies shall use for gameplay. Frequent change of login IP might get your account blocked or trigger cellphone re-verification again.

  • Unable to re-verify Korean cellphone. We not able to do anything once account is blocked or re-verification required.

  • - Account sold are not returnable nor refundable.


  • Um Bestände zu gewährleisten, ist es für Ihre Bestellung verfügbar, ÜBERPRÜFEN UND BESTÄTIGEN SIE BESTÄNDE AB LAGER über Kundendienstoffizier via LiveChat vor Zahlung, obwohl Sie / "LAGER IN/" sehen. Dies liegt daran, dass die Vorräte von anderen Kunden gekauft wurden, bevor Sie Zahlung leisten.