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Two-Point Hospital

Two-Point Hospital

  • Region: South East Asia
  • Mitglied-Rabatt: GuestMitglied 0%
  • Platform: PC game (Windows & Mac)
    Publisher: SEGA
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  • Min: 1 Max: 10
  • Frei: kein
  • Gesamt : $ 22.53
  • Rabatt : $ 2.5 ( 10 %)
  • SEAGM Guthaben : 9,607

About Two Point Hospital

Two Point Hopsital is the spiritual successor of beloved classic, Theme Hospital. In this hospital management game, you get to design and build your own hospital! Buy Two Point Hospital and start managing your own hospital!

Official website: Two-Point Hospital Website

CD Keys region: (South East Asia) SEA - Singapore, Malaysia, Philippines , Indonesia, Brunei , Thailand, Laos, Cambodia, Vietnam, Burma , India.

Two Point Hospital Features

Design and build your own hospital!

Build your hospital from scratch and design it the way you want. Keep the patients happy and maximize cash flow!

Cure unusual illnesses

The illnesses in Two Point County is anything but usual. From Light-headedness to Cubism, each illness requires a special machine to cure. Become the best hospital by curing them!

Improve and expand your hospital horizons

Start from a small town clinic and go all the way to the top! Improve your facilities, upgrade machines and train your staff to become a top tier hospital.