Dragon Nest 2 (CN)

Dragon Nest 2 (CN)

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Dragon Nest 2 (CN)

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About Dragon Nest 2

"Dragon Nest 2" as the genuine big world mobile game of the Dragon Nest IP, not only continued to write the legend of Altria based on the grand world view and inherited the fresh style of the previous work, but also carried out on this basis. Artistic innovation, delicate and exquisite models, real light and body feeling, the weather change settings during day and night, from small details to large scenes, all present the adventurers with the longest game screen of the Dragon Nest. Of course, in addition to inheritance, "Dragon Nest 2" will also introduce asymmetric competitive gameplay, with a large area of ​​large maps, dynamically growing cities, wild adventures, dark areas and many other cutting-edge settings, giving you an unprecedented game experience.

About Dragon Nest 2 Diamond:

Diamond are form of premium currency in Dragon Nest 2. Diamond can be used to purchase item in the diamond store in the game.

Note: This top-up service only available for "Android Users".

Requirement to buy Dragon Nest 2 Diamond in the game with QQ Coins?

  • A valid QQ account is required even if you log in the game with a WeChat Account. (Don't have QQ Account? Sign Up Now!)
  • Please make sure that QQ Apps is installed on the phone.
  • Please make sure that you have entered your QQ Number correctly.(SEAGM will be not be responsible for buyer who provide wrong QQ number.)

How to buy Dragon Nest 2 Diamond in the game with QQ Coins?

  1. Login to game, click "in-game item mall”and then "click "+" to enter the Diamond recharge page.
  2. how to top up dragon nest 2
  3. Select the diamond amount you wish to buy [100 Diamond = 10 QQ Coins/10CNY ].
  4. how to top up dragon nest 2
  5. Select Q Coins(Q币) as your payment method to purchase Diamond.
  6. how to top up dragon nest 2