[Dragon Nest M]

Dragon Nest M

Shanda Games
English Mobile South East Asia

About Dragon Nest M

This classic 3D MMORPG game is remastered for your mobile! Relive your favourite Dragon Nest moments as once again, the fate of Lagendia is in your hands.

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Features of Dragon Nest M

Some features to look out for in Dragon Nest M include:

  • 6 advanced character classes 

Warrior, Archer, Sorceress, Cleric, Academic, Assassin. These 6 characters come with over 70 skills and exclusive character emblems. Build your character in this fantastic MMORPG game.

  • Super 3D fighting experience

Test your skills and reactions with combo fighting sequences. Also, dynamic lenses create an unprecedented 3D fighting experience. 

  • Multiple dungeons, cooperate with your friends

Work with your friends to survive and kill the dragon. Experience exciting PVP and 3D MOBA or battle with other players.

  • Customize your character

With over a hundred costumes to choose from, dress up and customize your character with unique costume combinations.