WangYi Credit Instant Top Up - NetEase (CN)

WangYi Credit Instant Top Up - NetEase (CN)

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WangYi Credit Instant Top Up - NetEase (CN) - 100 通用点/寄售点
100 通用点/寄售点
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About NetEase Credits:

通用点(Account Direct Top-up):

  • 通用点 can be used to purchase various value-added services and game products provided by NetEase, including: Fantasy Westward Journey PC version, New Chinese Odyssey 2, Chinese Odyssey 2 Free Edition, Tianxia 3, New Ghost, Zhenmo, Xichu Hegemony, Tianyu, Great Tang Unrivaled Zero, New Chinese Odyssey 3, Wu Soul 2, New Fei Fei, Elf Legend, Local Dating, VIP Mailbox, and other products.


  • 寄售点 are specifically used for trading in-game currency within the games. Currently, they are only applicable to Fantasy Westward Journey PC version, New Chinese Odyssey 2, Tianxia 3, New Chinese Odyssey 3 Classic Edition (Note: Free Edition cannot use 寄售点), Xichu Hegemony, and New Fei Fei.

Important Notes:

  • Note:通用点 can only be used for consumption within NetEase products and cannot be used for mobile games or Battle.net games (World of Warcraft, StarCraft, Diablo, Hearthstone, Heroes of the Storm).
  • Please provide the complete account information. If the account suffix is not provided, the points will be automatically added to the @163.com account type. Responsibility for recharging to the wrong account lies with the buyer.
  • Please double-check before recharging as incorrect recharges cannot be modified.

How to recharge NetEase 通用点/寄售点:

  1. Enter the desired amount of NetEase 通用点/寄售点 for recharge.
  2. Select either '通用点' or '寄售点' based on your needs.
  3. Click 'Buy Now' and choose your preferred payment method.
  4. After payment, the purchased NetEase 通用点 or 寄售点 will be immediately added to your NetEase account.

How to check the balance of 通用点/寄售点:

how to check wangyi credits

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