Dragon Siege: Kingdom Conquest

About Dragon Siege: Kingdom Conquest

▶ A Casual Fantasy MMO, Dragon Siege!

The legendary dragon egg fell on the peaceful continent of Dragonia?!

Start an exciting adventure at the Fantasy World, Dragonia!

Expand your village, farm and harvest resources, and battle other players!

▶ Build Your Own Castle, My Lord!

Just another MMO War Game? Think again! Cultivate and develop your own village!

Farm, hunt, and collect various resources and experience a real farming simulation!

Become the Lord of a Castle and build and manage the village as you please!

▶ Cute but Powerful Dragons & Dynamic and Powerful Knights

Dragons and knights with various personalities await the true Lord of the Castle.

Find and foster a strong ally who will lead your war to victory!

Feed and nurture your dragons, and strengthen your knights' skills and gear

to lead the strongest army on the continent!

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