剑灵 Blade & Soul (CN)

剑灵 Blade & Soul (CN)

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About 剑灵 Blade & Soul

剑灵 Blade & Soul is a Korean fantasy martial-arts multiplayer online role-playing game. This Korean  剑灵 Blade & Soul game (블레이드 앤 소울) is developed by NCSOFT that features a combination of different martial art inspired combat. In an open-world game play, players are able to create characters and explore the world around them and by completing quests assigned by various NPCs. 

Character customization in 剑灵 Blade & Soul includes access to different hairstyles, facial structures, facial markings, makeup, eye colour, height and body sliders. Game characters are based on races. The races are based on the Four Chinese Symbols:

  • The Gon (based on the Azure Dragon)
  • The Jun (based on the Black Tortoise)
  • The Yun (based on the Vermillion Bird or Fenghuang)
  • The Lyn (based on the White Tiger)

Using a real-time battle system, 剑灵 Blade & Soul is via a third person camera view. Like many fighting games, the game requires players to combine a series of attacks. With the purchase of 剑灵 Blade & Soul game cards, players can level up quicker and make in-game purchases instantly!

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