Fortress Saga

Fortress Saga

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About Fortress Saga

Hey, y’all! Get ready to join Fortress Saga and hop on the adventure of Cor and Louis - the seed filled with the power of life and the descendant of an honored hero!

As you gather allies, you’ll customize your fortress to your own taste and explore dungeons in vast worlds. Defeat your enemies and grow stronger even faster! Plus, the chemistry between heroes and eye-catching graphics will keep you engaged and wanting more.

So what are you waiting for? In Fortress Saga, anything is possible, so come and let your imagination run wild!

Strengthen your heroes and fortress, 24/7!

Your heroes and fortress are always growing stronger and leveling up, even while you're chowing down or catching some Zs. It's easy, it's fast, and it's all about having a blast while taking on the world with your customized fortress and automatic battles.

Enjoy the ride with the automatic battle system!

With an easy-to-use interface and intuitive combat mechanics, you can sit back and watch your fortress crush your enemies while you level up and grow your heroes stronger without lifting a finger!

Personalized Heroes & Customizable Fortress

Enjoy collecting dealers, tanks, and more heroes to suit your playstyle! Spice up your fortress with the latest gear and upgrade to make it truly yours!

Get your souls ready to collect heroes!

Combine the unique abilities of your heroes and unleash flashy skills to overcome any challenge. Activate synergy among heroes to grow stronger, and faster! Dive in and experience the joy of collecting heroes and rare items!

Stunning Graphics and Heart-pounding

Experience the charm of unique heroes with unique and dynamic animation in the style of Art Nouveau. And that’s not all - our heroes come to lives fully voiced by an all-star cast, making for witty conversations and captivating chemistry!

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