Lineage W

Lineage W

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About Lineage W

Lineage W is an upcoming massively multiplayer online role-playing game by NCSoft where players all over the world fight for their glories. The true Lineage that gathered everything from the Lineage series that lasted for 24 years.

Pick a story among lord, knight, fairy, and mage and explore a dark fantasy world recreated with amazing details. Explore Aden, 150 years later from the original Lineage.

Lineage W launched a completely newly designed classic gameplay. From a quarter-view-based perspective to a large-scale siege, the classic gameplay and essence of Lineage such as battle, honor, blood pledge, and sacrifice are all packed in Lineage W with a completely new engine and technologies.

The battlefield and communication connecting every region and country in service. Players from different regions and countries are connected to the same server and interact with AI-based translation chat support that supports real-time communication between various languages.

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