Rush Royale: Tower Defense TD Magic Crystals & Pass

Rush Royale: Tower Defense TD Magic Crystals & Pass

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Rush Royale: Tower Defense TD Magic Crystals & Pass - 500 + 50 Crystals
500 + 50 Crystals
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About Rush Royale: Tower Defense TD

Welcome to the Isle of Rhandum - a realm of tower defense, clans, magic and mayhem! Collect units, assemble a deck for base defense and get ready for a TD game full of action, adventure and endless fun - Rush Royale!

Mighty warriors are ready for a TD clash! You have plenty of cute but fearsome units at your disposal, from keen-eyed Archers and crafty Trappers to angry Bruisers and graceful Blade Dancers! Merge units and manage your mana carefully - devise a strategy around your deck’s strengths in a castle defense! And don’t forget about Heroes - these mighty champions have the most powerful abilities!

Conquer the opposition in PvP! Break through enemy Tower Defense, progress and earn more trophies! Play defense games against the most powerful players to win exquisite rewards! But beware, fortune can be fickle in TD games! Stick to a strategy and win through cunning and intellect as you lay siege to the castle and break through enemy defenses!

Join the Co-Op mode and embark on a TD quest to explore Rhandum with your friends! Set a castle defense against dreadful bosses and their minions. Defense games never get old as you’re fighting monsters together! Succeed in TD games and get unique loot! Ready your defenses and protect the castle!

There are many factions in the game, from Technogenic Society to the Kingdom of Light, and every unit and hero belongs to one of them. There are no “weak” or “strong” decks - collect, merge, learn to play your army well and level up units you use most. Some of them can Ascend, gaining unique battle talents!

Events bring even more variety to the base defense you’re used to – try them out to find out if you can master unique rules and beat the enemies in tower defense games!

What is Platinum?

  • Special currency for special offer payments. You can purchase it in our in-game store.

How to top-up Rush Royale: Tower Defense TD Magic Crystals & Pass?

  1. Select the Crystals & Pass denomination.
  2. Enter your Game Account ID and Platform.
  3. Check out and select your payment method.
  4. Once payment made, Rush Royale: Tower Defense TD Magic Crystals & Pass will credited to your account shortly.

How to find Rush Arena Game Account ID?

  1. Log in to the game using your account.
  2. Click on the "Menu" icon in the upper right corner.
  3. Then click the Setting icon.
  4. Your Rush Royale: Tower Defense TD Game Account ID will be displayed.

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