About 三國志幻想大陸-卡牌王者

Chancellor, you are finally here!

The fall of the ancient dragons created this magical continent. Looking at the past in a blink of an eye, the great heroes of the Three Kingdoms era are all-powerful here. But the difference is that behind everything familiar, there is an unknown enemy hidden! The previous crusade against Dong Zhuo, Sanying, and Lu Bu is no longer the same... How will the situation in this three-point chaotic world repeat itself? You, who were born as a city lord, hurry up and collect your generals to save the world!

Being your subordinate, seeing and grasping is just the basics. All generals can be upgraded to the strongest rank UR. The real R card is R, all of them can help you become a master, and it is difficult to write a word.

In addition to strength, shape is very important! Supervised by Japanese art masters, from R to UR, Nieka is so beautiful that it hits the spotlight, and everyone in your team is like a queen!

With your prestige, your general will help you wear a helmet! Cross-camp combination, you can choose any strategy, and explode super-class combat power! The power of fetters and linkage is enough to make you dominate the battlefield!

Download now, bring these powerful generals under your command, and become the strongest superstar in the troubled times!

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