Terms and Conditions (“T&C”)


The SEAGM Star Reward Programme (Programme) at www.seagm.com is subject to the following terms and conditions and to the Terms of Use. The terms as defined in the Terms of Use shall be adopted herein, unless defined otherwise. In the event of any inconsistency between this T&C and the Terms of Use, this T&C shall prevail.


  • All users with an Account (Users) shall automatically be part of the Programme.
  • The Users shall automatically be accorded with a “Star Reward Member” status (Level) and may commence accumulating Star Reward points (Star(s)) from purchase(s) of Items.
  • The Users with an existing Account prior to the launch of this Programme shall be accorded with the applicable Level by way of their previous 90 days purchases.
  • The Star Reward Programme membership is non-transferable and shall be for personal use of the Users only.


  • Subject to any exceptions as set out by SEAGM, all online purchases of Items will earn Stars which are not transferable to any other User(s).
  • All Users will be awarded with 1 Point for every RM1 spent.
  • The Star Rewards Programme offers four (4) membership tiers as follows:

    • an entry membership tier known as “ROOKIE”;
    • a basic membership tier known as “AMATEUR”;
    • a mid-level membership tier known as “PRO”; and
    • a premier membership tier known as “ELITE”.

    Please find below a sample table depicting the Stars cumulated and the applicable membership tiers:

    Level Amount to be spent
    Stars / 100 credits
    Min. spending amount
    ROOKIE 0 1x 0
    AMATEUR 300 1x 300
    PRO 1200 1x 1200
    ELITE 3000 1x 3000

    (*) Amount to be spent within three (3) months upon first purchase of Items (RM)

    (**) x – Stars / RM 1 (100 credits)

    (***) Min. spending amount in next three (3) months / ninety (90) days to maintain in the member level or level up (RM)

  • The Stars used to redeem items in this Programme are Stars earned by the Users from online purchases made for the purposes of personal consumption only, i.e. non-business and non-commercial related consumption only. SEAGM reserves the right not to award Stars on online spending which SEAGM deems to be purchases made for business and commercial purposes using the SEAGM account.
  • SEAGM reserves the right to deduct or recompute any Stars earned to the User’s account for the purpose of correcting any errors or inaccuracies in the allocation of the Stars.


  • With effective from 10th April 2023, all STARs valid for 90 days upon collection date

    For STARs collected on or before 10th April 2023 will expire on 9th July 2023

    Please find below a sample table depicting the Stars accumulated and the applicable expiry date:

    Date Stars Accumulation Expiry
    15 January 2023 300 9 July 2023
    15 June 2023 300 13 September 2023
    15 November 2023 300 13 February 2024
  • All Stars should be redeemed prior to the expiry date. Any extension shall be at the sole discretion of SEAGM.


User will be notified of the number of Stars accumulated in their account details.


  • The Accounts must be in good standing, not closed or terminated by SEAGM at the time of redemption request.
  • All Users may use their accumulated Stars to redeem any one or combination of the given options on the Redemption Tab.
  • For this Programme, Users shall have the option to redeem items using all or partial Stars.
  • Partial Redemption is not allowed, i.e. redemption with a combination of Stars and RM value charged.
  • Completed redemption cannot be revoked, cancelled, returned or exchanged for any reason whatsoever. All Stars used will not be credited into the User’s account.
  • SEAGM may, at its sole and absolute discretion, increase or decrease the rate of Stars to be awarded for each selected voucher(s) and Users shall not be entitled to request from SEAGM any explanation on the same.
  • SEAGM will not be liable for any death, injury, direct or consequential loss, theft or damage of any nature that the Users may suffer arising from redemption of the redemption item(s).
  • SEAGM gives no representation or warranty on the quality of the redemption item(s) or their suitability for any purpose and will not be responsible for any dispute that may arise between the Users and the manufacturer and/or supplier.
  • If the choice of redemption item(s) is/are unavailable reason being the redemption item(s) is/are temporarily out of stock or discontinued, SEAGM shall have the right to replace item(s) with a similar value.
  • All redemption item(s) are available while stocks last.
  • SEAGM reserves the right to include or exclude certain products from the Programme at any time with or without notice to Users via www.seagm.com or any other means of communication that may deemed appropriate by SEAGM.
  • All Stars earned must be redeemed prior to the date the account is closed. Thereafter, all unredeemed Stars will be automatically cancelled without prior notification to Users.


  • Please allow 2-3 weeks for delivery of the redemption item(s) from the date of receipt of the redemption submitted.
  • By going through this process, Users have expressly agreed and consent to SEAGM to disclose the their particulars to SEAGM’s appointed 3rd party agent or vendor for the purposes of deliver the redemption item(s) redeemed. SEAGM warrants that the disclosure of such particulars to SEAGM appointed 3rd party agent and/or vendor is for the sole purpose of the redemption item(s).
  • If a User does not receive the redemption item(s) after fourteen (14) business days from the date of the redemption order, it will be the User’s responsibility to inform SEAGM on the non-receipt of the redemption items. If no query is received by the eighteenth (18th) business day from the redemption order, the redemption item(s) ordered will be considered received and accepted in good order by the User.
  • If the redemption item(s) received is incorrect, the User is required to inform SEAGM on any of the error(s) made.


  • The redemption item(s) issued cannot be exchange for cash.
  • The redemption item(s) redeemed are valid for use until the date specified on the respective item(s). If the redemption item(s) redeemed remain unused after the validity date as stated, SEAGM will not extend the validity date and will not refund any Stars for the unused portion.
  • SEAGM is not responsible for lost, stolen, unused or expired redemption item(s) (if applicable).
  • The redemption item(s) redeemed are not transferable, exchangeable for other rewards, refundable or replaceable for cash or credit under any circumstances.


  • All accumulation of Stars by Users will be treated as null or void upon cancellation of the Account or for any reason whatsoever and regardless of whether the cancellation is effected by SEAGM or the Users.
  • SEAGM reserves the right to nullify any redemption made by a User who is in breach of these T&C or the Terms of Use.
  • Users agree to access the SEAGM website at www.seagm.com to view the terms and conditions and to ensure that they keep up-to-date with any changes or variations to the terms and conditions herein.
  • SEAGM reserves the right to cancel or amend the Programme at any time with or without notice to Users via www.seagm.com or any other means of communication that may deemed appropriate by SEAGM.
  • By participating in this Programme, the User is deemed to have agreed to be bound by these T&C and any decisions of SEAGM.
  • Users are required to check and reconcile their account details in respect of their Stars. SEAGM will endeavour to resolve but shall not be responsible for any disputed transaction.
  • The T&C shall be governed by the Laws of Malaysia and subject to the exclusive jurisdiction of the Courts of Malaysia.
  • For any inquiries, Users can contact SEAGM customer service.