The Esoterica Hollow Earth

The Esoterica Hollow Earth

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About The Esoterica Hollow Earth

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As Stephanie, the granddaughter of the famous geologist Professor Stone, travel to the depths of the Earth in search of the mystical fabled land of Agartha. Keep your wits about you! Your grandfather has written for your help. You must piece together the mystery, keep yourself safe, and save your grandfather from peril in the hidden object, sci-fi thriller Esoterica – Hollow Earth.

This adventure is unlike any you've dared to take before. The bad guys want to know what you and your grandfather know, but you must stay ahead of their game. Follow the clues to locate and activate the machine your grandfather built to tunnel through the Earth to the lost continent of Agartha.

Help Professor Stone, keep his knowledge safe from the evil Count Stauffenberg, and save the Earth when you try Esoterica – Hollow Earth today!