Captain Tsubasa: ACE Golden Balls

Captain Tsubasa: ACE Golden Balls

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Captain Tsubasa: ACE Golden Balls - 6 Golden Ball Pack
6 Golden Ball Pack

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About Captain Tsubasa: Ace Golden Balls

Golden Balls are the in-game currency that can be used to purchase various items, such as new players, special skills, and training materials.

There are several ways to earn Golden Balls in Captain Tsubasa: Ace:

  • Completing daily and weekly missions: These missions can be anything from completing matches to training players.
  • Participating in events: The game regularly holds events that offer Golden Balls as rewards.
  • Recharge your Golden Balls account and it can be easily topped up on SEAGM by providing only the DeNA ID.

Buy Captain Tsubasa: Ace Golden Balls Top Up with Player ID on SEAGM

Recharging Captain Tsubasa: Ace Golden Balls is quick and easy! Simply enter your Tsubasa Ace DeNA ID, select the amount of Golden Balls you want to purchase, complete the payment, and the Golden Balls will be added to your Captain Tsubasa: Ace account shortly.

Benefits of Topping Up Captain Tsubasa: Ace Golden Balls with SEAGM

  • Convenience and Security:

    SEAGM provides a user-friendly interface and employs a secure payment system to guarantee a hassle-free experience when topping up your Captain Tsubasa: Ace Golden Balls. You can rely on SEAGM's established reputation as a trustworthy platform for purchasing in-game currency.

  • Wide Range of Payment Options:

    SEAGM accepts a variety of payment methods, including credit/debit cards, PayPal, online banking, and various e-wallets. This flexibility allows you to choose the payment option that best suits your needs and preferences.

  • Discounted Prices and Promotions:

    SEAGM regularly offers discounted prices and promotions on in-game currencies, providing you with the opportunity to save money while acquiring more Golden Balls for your Captain Tsubasa: Ace account.

  • Reliable Customer Support:

    SEAGM has a dedicated customer support team to assist you if you encounter any issues or have questions regarding your Captain Tsubasa: Ace Golden Balls purchase. They are available through various channels, such as live chat and email, ensuring a seamless and satisfactory experience.

  • Enhancing Your Captain Tsubasa: Ace Experience:

    With SEAGM's services and the convenience of DeNA ID, topping up Captain Tsubasa: Ace Golden Balls has become effortless. Take advantage of the discounted prices and promotional offers available at SEAGM to maximize your Golden Balls purchases. Enjoy a secure and seamless transaction process, and soon you'll have an ample supply of Golden Balls to enhance your Captain Tsubasa: Ace gaming experience. Happy gaming!

About this game

Captain Tsubasa: Ace is an officially licensed mobile football game from the "Captain Tsubasa" IP. Players can take control of characters like Tsubasa Ozora and Kojiro Hyuga, performing breathtaking football moves, reliving the intense battle scenes, experiencing various gameplay modes, and reveling in the excitement of football confrontations.

Officially Licensed IP! Ignite Your Football Dream!

"Captain Tsubasa: Ace" preserves the original settings of the series, vividly bringing to life the dazzling moments of characters like Tsubasa Ozora, Kojiro Hyuga, and Genzo Wakabayashi through 3D animation. Players can take control of these iconic footballers on the field, sprinting for the love of football and battling for every single victory!

Real-time Battles! Strategic Formations! Diverse Gameplay Awaits Your Choice!

"Captain Tsubasa: Ace" provides two distinct types of gameplay: Dream League and Ace Showdown. The Dream League mode emphasizes strategic formations, while Ace Showdown focuses on real-time actions. As you train your players, different developmental paths for the same player can significantly influence his on-field performance and skill strategies. Whether you prefer real-time gameplay or strategic planning, Dream League and Ace Showdown modes offer thrilling experiences tailored to your taste.

Complete Roster Unleashed! Popular Players Taking the Stage!

Many have followed the journey of Tsubasa Ozora, Kojiro Hyuga, Taro Misaki, and Ryo Ishizaki from their youthful days to adulthood, with their stories filled with fervor and zeal. Now, they're back and ready to shine in "Captain Tsubasa: Ace". In the future, even more powerful players will be taking the field alongside them. Follow in the footsteps of legendary players and once again experience the captivating football journey of Tsubasa Ozora and others!

Classic Storyline! Iconic Moments Perfectly Recreated!

Every match calls for your utmost effort! "Captain Tsubasa: Ace" revives the iconic animated storylines. The daily pursuits of dreams, moments that celebrate youth, and other unforgettable scenes are passionately recreated in the game with high-quality 3D graphics. Reconnect with the passion and emotions, and let's chase our shared dream of football together!


How to top-up Captain Tsubasa: Ace Golden Balls?

  1. Select the Golden Balls denomination.
  2. Enter your DeNa ID.
  3. Check out and select your payment method.
  4. Once payment made, the Golden Balls will be added to your Captain Tsubasa Ace account shortly.

How to find Captain Tsubasa Ace DeNa ID?

  1. Launch Captain Tsubasa Ace on your mobile device or emulator.
  2. Tap on the User
  3. Your DeNa ID will be displayed.

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  • dayanfahlevi
    i alrdy make a purchase and transaction is clear. but you know what? I DIDNT GET WHAT I PAYING FOR!! 3 times reported and STILL NOTHING. Costumer Service tell me to wait 1 - 3 days for investigated. u guys know how we play game or not? we cant wait until 3 days cause we need that item fast! WE PAY AS FAST AS WE CAN, BUT YOU GUYS LIKE SHIT!! SCAM WEB!
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