Days Gone (Steam)

Days Gone (Steam)

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About Days Gone (Steam)

Days Gone is a 2019 action-adventure video game developed by Bend Studio and published by Sony Interactive Entertainment. The game is set in post-apocalyptic Oregon two years after the start of a pandemic that turned a portion of humanity into vicious zombie-like creatures (called 'Freakers'). Former outlaw-turned-drifter Deacon St. John discovers his wife Sarah, having been assumed dead, may still be alive and goes on a quest to find her. Days Gone is played from a third-person perspective in which the player can explore an open world environment. Players can use firearms, melee weapons and improvised weapons, and can use stealth to defend themselves against hostile humans and cannibalistic creatures known as Freakers. A major game mechanic is Deacon's motorcycle, which is used as the player character's main mode of transportation and an extra (mobile) ammo stash.


• A striking setting: From forests and meadows, to snowy plains and desert lava fields, the Pacific Northwest is both beautiful and lethal. Explore a variety of mountains, caves, mines and small rural towns, scarred by millions of years of volcanic activity.

• Brutal encounters: With vicious gangs and hordes of Freakers roaming the land, you’ll need to make full use of a variety of customizable traps, weapons, and upgradable skills to stay alive. Don’t forget your Drifter bike, an invaluable tool in a vast land.

• An ever-changing environment: Jump on the saddle of Deacon’s trusty motorbike and explore a dynamic world dramatically affected by the weather, a dramatic day/night cycle and the evolving Freakers, who adjust to their surroundings – and the people in it.

• A compelling story: Lose yourself in a powerful tale of desperation, betrayal and regret, as Deacon St. John searches for hope after suffering a deep, personal loss. What makes us human when faced with the daily struggle for survival?


• New Game Plus

• Survival Mode

• Challenge Mode

• Bike Skins

PC features include ultra-wide monitor support, unlocked framerates and improved graphics (increased level of details, field of view, foliage draw distances).


How to Activate Days Gone on Steam?

  1. Launch the Steam client software and log into your Steam account.
  2. Click the Games menu option at the top of the Steam client.
  3. Choose 'Activate a Product on Steam'. A Product Activation window should pop up on screen.
  4. Read the 'Steam subscriber agreement' in its entirety and you must agree with the terms to continue.
  5. Click 'I agree'. Next, Enter the product code you wish to add to your Steam library and Days Gone will be added to your Steam account.