Octopath Traveler: CotC (SEA)

An Immersive RPG Experience based on the critically acclaimed OCTOPATH TRAVELER

Welcome to the world of Orsterra! Get ready to embark on an epic adventure with OCTOPATH TRAVELER: Champions of the Continent, a prequel to the critically acclaimed game OCTOPATH TRAVELER, optimized for mobile devices. In this immersive RPG experience, you'll be treated to high-quality graphics, engaging combat, and a captivating storyline that will transport you to the wondrous world of Orsterra.

HD-2D: Evolved Pixel Art

OCTOPATH TRAVELER: Champions of the Continent features stunning 2D pixel art, enhanced with 3D-CG effects. The beautifully stylized environments come to life, offering a visually immersive experience. As you explore the world, you'll encounter side quests, dangerous bosses, and treasures waiting to be discovered.

Strategic and Exhilarating Combat

Prepare for thrilling battles with the evolved command-style battle system. You can form a party of up to eight members and utilize swipe controls for fast-paced command selection. Strategize your moves, unleash powerful skills, and overcome challenging enemies to emerge victorious in combat.

A Massive Roster

With over 64 characters available at launch, you have an expansive roster to choose from. Build your ultimate team by selecting the right combination of characters for each fight. Each character brings unique abilities and skills to the table, allowing for endless combinations and playstyles.

Choose Your Adventure: Reign of Tyrants

The world of Orsterra is plagued by tyrants who seek wealth, power, and fame. As one of the "Chosen Ones," you must rise against these great evils. The game offers multiple storylines, and no matter which one you start with, you can experience them all. Dive into a rich narrative and discover the perils that await you on your journey.

Unique Path Actions

Interact with the diverse characters in Orsterra using unique Path Actions. You can "Inquire" for valuable information, "Entreat" for items, or even "Hire" them to join your party. Experiment with different options and uncover the hidden benefits of building relationships with the various characters you encounter.

An Epic Game Soundtrack

Immerse yourself in the world of Orsterra with the enchanting compositions of Yasunori Nishiki, the talented composer behind OCTOPATH TRAVELER. The game features a brand-new soundtrack exclusive to OCTOPATH TRAVELER: Champions of the Continent, enhancing the atmosphere and emotion of your gameplay experience.


OCTOPATH TRAVELER: Champions of the Continent takes place a few years prior to the events of the original OCTOPATH TRAVELER game. In Orsterra, the land is ruled by tyrants who hunger for wealth, power, and fame, unleashing darkness upon the world. However, amidst this darkness, there are those who resist.

As one of the "Chosen Ones" who possess a divine ring, your journey will take you across the continent. What awaits you on this adventure? What will you obtain, and what experiences will shape your path? Discover the origins of the champions of the continent and unravel the secrets of Orsterra.

Get ready to embark on an unforgettable RPG experience in OCTOPATH TRAVELER: Champions of the Continent. Dive into the captivating world of Orsterra, assemble your ultimate team, and face the challenges that await you. Fulfill your destiny as the chosen one and become a champion of the continent.

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