The Gift

The Gift

Alawar English Global PC

About The Gift

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A young female psychic searches for redemption while tracking down a killer in The Gift, an unforgettable detective thriller.

With a single touch, Sarah can see the final moments of a dead person's life. Though this gift once made her valuable to the police, the cops have shunned her since a tragic turn of events cost innocent people their lives. Now, dead bodies are piling up and whispers of the Nothingman prompt Sarah to stop this lunatic before more innocents are harmed.

Guide Sarah through this classic 1940's style noir thriller as she searches for clues to stop the Nothingman. Use her psychic visions to find clues that bring her one step closer to stepping out of the shadows once again. Locate helpful objects, solve puzzles, and play mini-games in this race to bring justice for victims.

  • Find redemption while catching a killer in this Hidden Object investigation.
  • Use psychic visions to find clues and bring justice to innocents.
  • Locate helpful objects, solve puzzles, and play mini-games.
  • Enjoy a classic 1940's style noir atmosphere.
  • This game is intended for mature audiences.