Ashland: Rebellion of Gods

About Ashland: Rebellion of Gods

During the Eternal War of the Gods aeons ago, Nidhogg, Dragon of Ruin, broke the seal in the depth of the Dark Abyss and released Chaos God Azathoth from the control of the Primal God! After centuries of fighting, high gods Zeus and Odin finally threw the Demon God Azathoth into the Void Stream. Before the Demon God disappeared, its blood splattered into Asgard and the mortal realm, creating countless contaminated zones. Demons surged forth in waves, pouring into the world and destroying all life in their path! Now, Athens Parthenon is the only place where divine power remains, the last bastion of hope in the world.
Chosen One, join us and accept the blessing of goddess Athena. Guard this world till your soul finds peace!

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