Bilibili Premium Membership (SG)

Bilibili Premium Membership (SG)

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Bilibili Premium Membership (SG) is only valid for the account registered in the region of Singapore.
Bilibili Premium Membership (SG) - Bilibili 1-month Premium(SG)
Bilibili 1-month Premium(SG)

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US$ 2.80
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What is Bilibili?

Bilibili is a video sharing and streaming platform that originated in Shanghai, China. Think of it like YouTube but focused anime, comics, and games on top of original user content, although platform is steadily transforming to become a mainstream platform for pop culture and entertainment.

Bilibili is not just a platform. It’s a place where people can feel a sense of belonging. Bilibili is about coming together and enjoying content with like-minded people who want to express their creativity and connect with their community.


  • Bilibili's main feature is a real-time captioning system that displays user comments as streams of scrolling subtitles overlaid on the screen, visually resembling a danmaku shooter game.
  • Offer largest anime inventory in SEA from the latest releases to the classic titles everyone knows and loves.
  • Hosts videos on various themes, including anime, music, dance, science and technology, movies, drama, fashion and video games, but it is also known for its extensive kuso-style parodies by subcultural content creators.
  • Provides a live streaming service where the audience can interact with streamers.
  • Offers games, mostly ACG-themed mobile games, such as the Chinese version of Fate/Grand Order.

Bilibili Premium Subscription benefits:

Premium Bilibili members get access to videos in high resolution(including 1080p and 4K) and can receive early access to certain videos, alongside other benefits such as discounts on Bilibili-owned games.


How to redeem Bilibili Premium Membership (SG)?

1. Subscribe to Bilibili Premium now! Choose the item you want to subscribe to, and you'll obtain the corresponding redemption code after purchasing, which consists of 12 digits and letters;

2. After retrieving the redemption code, please go to the specified website to redeem;

- Web: Redeem Here

- App: [My] -> [Join/Renew Premium] -> [Redemption Code]

3. You'll obtain a 31-day Premium after subscribing to a 1-month Premium and a 366-day Premium after subscribing to a 12-month Premium;

4. After redeeming successfully, the corresponding days of Premium will be added to your Bilibili account. If you are already a Premium member, the validity period will be prolonged accordingly. For example, if you subscribe to a 1-month Premium on January 1 as a Premium member that is valid till January 5, the validity period of your membership will be prolonged to February 6;

5. Each redemption code can only be used once.

6. It's only valid for the account registered in the region of Singapore.

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  • sxxbin_lee
    fast & secure! customer service was fast in responding & made sure to verify before sending out product which is very good! :) will def purchase again thank uu!
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