Blade & Soul 2 (TW)

About Blade & Soul 2

Blade & Soul 2 is an exciting top-tier action MMORPG that combines a diverse soul system, freely combinable martial arts, intense action, and rich and varied gameplay content. Blade & Soul 2 offers players unparalleled visual enjoyment and exhilarating gameplay. By becoming the protagonist of the story, players can embark on adventures in the world of Blade & Soul 2 and challenge powerful bosses and compete with other players.

[Soul] Partners in Creating the World with Me

During the adventure in the world of Blade & Soul 2, players can meet various souls. Each soul has its unique role, and different combinations can unleash special powers. Witness the visual and action peak brought by colorful actions and visual enjoyment.

[Martial Arts] Weave Combinations and Techniques for Your Own Combat Style

Blade Master, Kung Fu Master, Destroyer, Archer, Force Master, Warlock, and Assassin, as well as the Spellcaster. Blade & Soul 2 features eight weapons, each with different martial arts and combat styles. By continuously growing and combining these martial arts, players can create their own winning strategies.

[Action] 0.1 Second Ultimate Thrill! Block, Evade, and Escape Techniques

Experience a real-time action system that allows you to read and respond to your opponent's attacks. Use soul blocking to neutralize powerful boss attacks or try to turn the tide of battle with evasion/escape techniques in emergency situations. The action combat based on a post-determination system will provide a thrilling gaming experience on mobile devices.

[Combat] Diverse Gameplay Content to Enjoy Alone or Together

Challenge various boss trials in solo dungeons using your personal skills. Team up with four players to face powerful bosses like Cannon Orchid and Flame Saint. Fully experience the joy of teamwork, competition, and strategic RvR battles. Become the protagonist of the story and explore the world. Enjoy rich gameplay content according to your preferences and try to build special bonds with faction members.

How to top up Blade & Soul 2 (BNS2) Divinite with Mycard?

  1. Go to the official recharge website. Click on "Login", select the country "Taiwan", and enter your account information.
  2. Select the amount of Divinite you want to purchase.
  3. Choose the quantity. Select "Points Card" as the payment method. Enter your email address, and then click "Confirm" after agreeing to the terms.

  4. Friendly reminder: The +/- buttons on the screen allow you to select the quantity of items for a single transaction, with a maximum limit of 10. Choosing multiple items will still be considered as a single transaction.
  5. Enter the card number and password, and then press "Confirm".

For more details on the top-up guide, please refer to

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