[Final Fantasy VII The First Soldier]

Final Fantasy VII The First Soldier

Square Enix
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About Final Fantasy VII The First Soldier

Fight to join the ranks of Shinra's elite SOLDIER unit in this high-octane battle royale shooter, infused with RPG elements from the FINAL FANTASY series. Choose a combat style, such as Warrior or Sorcerer, and eliminate your rivals by any means necessary, be it gun, sword, or magic.

Defeat monsters to earn experience points and gil, call upon fan-favorite summons such as Ifrit to fight for you, and catch a chocobo to dash and glide across the battlefield. Use gil you pick up to upgrade your equipment and purchase items.

Visit and play in iconic locations from FFVII like Seventh Heaven, Corneo's mansion, the train graveyard, and even a familiar house surrounded by flower.

You can fully customize your character by choosing a look that fits your unique personality with a huge variety of costumes, emotes, and more.