Indus Battle Royale Mobile

About Indus Battle Royale Mobile

Be one of the first to experience Indus! As a pre-registered player, you get exclusive entry to our highly anticipated closed beta—a limited-time opportunity to shape the game's evolution before its official launch.

Next-Generation Gunplay Awaits

Experience gunplay redefined for mobile devices. Pick your weapon from an arsenal ranging from sniper rifles to hand cannons. Engage in intense skirmishes designed to provide the most exhilarating gameplay in battle royale.

Collect Cosmium

The most valuable resource in the galaxy and the reason why you are on Indus. Tasked by COVEN to retrieve Cosmium, you, Mythwalker, are on this quest for glory and riches on this mysterious planet. Cosmium is a unique substance that manifests itself as the battle wears on. Find it and win the game instantly. Sometimes victory doesn’t wait for the last man standing.

Express Yourself with Avatars

Unleash your inner hero with Avatars! From the mighty Big-Gaj to the enigmatic Sir-Taj, each Avatar offers unique emotes that let you dominate the battlefield in style, showcasing your personality like never before.

Uncover the Secrets of Indus

Explore the captivating lore of Indus, a planet shrouded in mystery for centuries. As you delve deeper into the narrative, you'll piece together the forgotten history of a once-glorious world.

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