Sheng Qu Dian Quan Top up

Sheng Qu Dian Quan Top up

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Sheng Qu Dian Quan Top up - 盛趣点券 1元直充
盛趣点券 1元直充

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Límite de compra: 1 ~ 5000
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SEAGM Credits 71
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About Sheng Qu Dian Quan

Shengqu Points are virtual currency used in Shengqu Games and can be used to purchase various virtual items, game equipment, membership privileges, and other game services provided by Shengqu Games and its partners.

Purchase Channels: You can buy Shengqu Points through the official website of Shengqu Games, game platforms, or authorized recharge channels. Usually, you can use various payment methods such as Alipay, WeChat Pay, and bank cards to recharge your points.

Usage: Shengqu Points can be used in various games developed by Shengqu Games and its partner games. You can use points to purchase virtual items, equipment, or other value-added services in the games.

Recharge Offers: Shengqu Games often provides recharge offers such as bonus points, discounted purchases, limited-time specials, and more. You can stay updated on the latest recharge offers by following official channels or community announcements.

Point Redemption: Sometimes, you can also earn points as rewards by participating in in-game activities or completing tasks. Shengqu Games may organize redemption events where you can exchange points for rare in-game items or special rewards.

Point Balance Inquiry: You can log in to the official website or game platform of Shengqu Games and check your point balance and transaction history in your personal account or recharge page.

Please note that the above information applies specifically to the Shengqu Points system in Shengqu Games. Different games may have different point systems, so it's always best to refer to the specific instructions and regulations within each game.


How to top-up Shanda Credit:

  1. Please enter the Shanda Credit you wish to recharge.(1 CNY = 100 Shanda Credits)
  2. Enter your Shanda Login Account.
  3. Check out and select your payment method.
  4. Once payment made, the Shanda Coupon you purchased will be credited to your Shanda Account Instantly.

How to check Shanda Credit Balance?

  1. Visit the Shanda Webshop.
  2. Log in to your Shanda Account.
  3. Select Credit (点券), input verification code and then press check (查询).
  4. Your Shanda Credit Balance will be displayed.

how to check shanda credit balance

* How to check Shanda Credit Balance Screenshot

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