倩女幽魂 Qian Nv You Hun (Android / iOS)

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In the realm of childhood, there are no boundaries; during the Dragon Boat Festival, love is in the air. Join us for exciting Children's Day and Dragon Boat Festival activities as we celebrate the summer together. There's also a charity gift box, where love knows no bounds. With unparalleled elegance and extraordinary beauty, the new Beauty Contest kicks off, showcasing the exceptional charm of female players. We've also introduced the selection of the top ten influential guilds, eagerly anticipating the magnificent figures that will amaze the Three Realms!

NetEase's next-generation national fantasy, the flagship of social interaction! "Ghost in the Shell: First Love" mobile game enters the era of 2.0, with all characters receiving a refreshing upgrade and boasting stunning visuals! Top-tier equipment drops fairly, and free battles await in the 100-player team fights. Various social features include master-apprentice relationships, sworn siblings, marriages, nurturing, and dream islands, allowing players to engage in real-life social interactions within and beyond the game, forming connections across the Three Realms

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