Game for Peace (CN)

Game for Peace (CN)

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Game for Peace (CN) - 10 QQ Coins = 100 点券
10 QQ Coins = 100 点券

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Limite d'achat: 1 ~ 300
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US$ 1.53
SEAGM Credits 715
7 (Estimé)

About Game for Peace (CN) Tencent

Game for Peace (GFP) is a third-person battle royale game where players have to fend for themselves after being parachuted onto a deserted island. Collect weapons and vehicles. Set up traps or hide to sneak up on your enemy. Do whatever it takes to take down the other 99 opponents while completing tactical assignments to achieve ultimate victory! In Game For Peace, the tactical elements such as terrain structure and regional changes plays a big role and should the player's priority if they want to win.

About Game for Peace (CN) Credit

Game for Peace (CN) Credits can be used to purchase Season Pass and premium items via the in-game store. It also allows you to customize and personalized your character with cool outfits, firearms and more.

Note: This top-up service only available for "Android Users".

Requirement to buy Game for Peace Credit in the game with QQ Coins?

  • A valid QQ account is required even if you log in the game with a WeChat Account. (Don't have QQ Account? Sign Up Now!)
  • Please make sure that QQ Apps is installed on the phone.
  • Please make sure that you have entered your QQ Number correctly.(SEAGM will be not be responsible for buyer who provide wrong QQ number.)

How to buy Game for Peace Credit in the game with QQ Coins?

  1. Login to game, click "+" to enter the credit recharge page.
  2. how to top up game for peace
  3. Select the Credit amount you wish to buy [100 Credits/点券 = 10 QQ Coins/10CNY(10元) ].
  4. how to top up game for peace
  5. Select Q Coins(Q币) as your payment method to purchase Credits(点券).
  6. how to top up game for peace
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