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About Garena Undawn

Garena Undawn is based on the powerful Unreal Engine 4, creating a huge and seamless open world full of realistic details. Players need to pay close attention to their hunger, size, energy, health, hydration, and even emotions as they try to survive in a variety of natural locales and harsh weather conditions, choosing locations to build their own homes.

Players can experience a variety of interactive gameplay and a rich story in the vast world, search for scavenging in abandoned cities, collect and hunt in the wilderness, drive vehicles across the continent to find surviving towns, fight in strongholds and camps, and find partners to cooperate to survive.

How to redeem Garena Shells to top up your Garena Undawn RC?

Visit the Garena Topup Center website that corresponds to your Garena account region. Please refer to the list of Garena Topup Center in different regions below:

Region Topup center website

Important: Pay attention to geo-restrictions when redeeming Garena Shells codes. The code's region must match your Garena account's region.

  1. Log in to your Garena account.
  2. Select "Shell Top Up"
  3. Select the option to top up using Garena PPC
  4. Enter the Garena Prepaid Card Password
  5. Click "Confirm"

The Garena Shells will be added to your account immediately. You can then use them to purchase Garena Undawn RC, Weekly Card, Monthly Card, Growth Fund and Battle Pass Premium.

Top up Garena Undawn RC with Garena Shells:

  1. Select Garena Undawn on the Garena Top Up Center Website and click "Login" and choose your preferred login method (Player ID, Garena ID, Google, or Facebook)
  2. After logging in, select "Garena Shells" as the payment method
  3. Choose the desired amount of Undawn RC
  4. Proceed to payment and complete the transaction
  5. Your purchased RC will be instantly received in-game

To enhance your Undawn gaming experience, you now have the option to conveniently top up Undawn RC using discounted Garena Shells available at SEAGM. Enjoy the benefits of fast, secure transactions with various payment methods. Take advantage of promotional offers to get cheap and affordable Undawn RC top-ups.

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