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Harry Potter: Magic Awakened - Immerse Yourself in the Wizarding World

Harry Potter: Magic Awakened is an enchanting collectible card role-playing video game set in the magical world of Harry Potter. Developed by NetEase Games and published by Warner Bros. Games, this game lets players experience the wonders of Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry as a new student. Customize your character, explore Diagon Alley, join the Dueling Club, and encounter familiar characters from the original series. Cast spells strategically using collectible cards and engage in new storylines and challenges.

In the game, you'll embark on a journey as a student at Hogwarts, where you'll have the opportunity to customize your character and purchase essential school supplies at Diagon Alley. Get sorted into one of the four Hogwarts houses and participate in thrilling duels against other students at the Dueling Club. Interact with iconic characters from the Harry Potter series and engage in new adventures within the magical universe.

Harry Potter: Magic Awakened revolves around utilizing collectible cards to cast spells during duels. By combining cards, you can unleash even more powerful magic. The game features an immersive storyline set a few years after the second wizarding war, where players receive a letter of acceptance to Hogwarts. Explore Diagon Alley, interact with other students, and unveil the secrets of the wizarding world.

Experience the magic of Harry Potter: Magic Awakened as you dive into a world filled with spells, friendship, and adventure. Create your own character, master the art of dueling, and uncover captivating storylines. Immerse yourself in the enchanting realm of Harry Potter and let the magic awaken within you.

How to Top Up Harry Potter: Magic Awakened Jewels/ Starstones with Netease Pay Redeem Code

Topping up your Harry Potter: Magic Awakened Jewels or Starstones with a Netease Pay Redeem Code is a straightforward process. Follow these steps to enhance your gaming experience:

  1. Visit the official website of Harry Potter Magic Awakened's Jewels Topup Center at
  2. Enter your game User ID and select the game server
  3. Choose your desired jewels top-up amount and click on "Top Up"
  4. Enter the NetEase Pay Card Number and Password to activate the recharge
  5. The purchased Harry Potter: Magic Awakened Jewels will be instantly credited to your in-game account.

ALERT: Ensure that the amount you redeem matches your game's denomination to avoid redemption failures. Refer to the list below for supported denominations:

  • USD 0.99 = 60 Jewels/ Starstones
  • USD 4.99 = 300 Jewels/ Starstones
  • USD 9.99 = 680+70 Jewels/ Starstones
  • USD 14.99 = 980+165 Jewels/ Starstones
  • USD 19.99 = 1280+270 Jewels/ Starstones
  • USD 29.99 = 1980+380 Jewels/ Starstones
  • USD 49.99 = 3280+780 Jewels/ Starstones
  • USD 99.99 = 6480+2000 Jewels/ Starstones

The benefit of topping up Harry Potter Magic Awakened with NetEase Pay Redeem Code through NetEase Game Club Top Up Center is that you can receive extra bonuses every time you make a top-up. Additionally, by topping up through the NetEase Game Club Top Up Center, you can earn points that can be used to redeem special rewards. These rewards may include Mystery Card, Golden Key, Silver Key, Memoria Card or other desirable in-game benefits.

What is a Harry Potter Magic Awakened User ID

  1. Open the game, tab to open your Knapsack, and then tab the Info
  2. User ID will be seen on the Info

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Recharge your Harry Potter: Magic Awakened Jewels now and enjoy the thrilling adventures within the game!

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