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Midgard Saga

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About Midgard Saga

In the spring of Miral 1600, the capital of Midgard was thrown into chaos. Hodr, the Dark Lord, seized the throne with the help of the Vanir Empire. And Crowe, the King of Midgard, was secretly killed.

Fortunately,KingCrowe’s children managed to survive the ordeal. Princess Linna, Crowe's adopted daughter, was saved by the Great Sage Blean, while Prince Forseti narrowly escaped the killing because he was on an expedition in Eton.

Just as King Hodr thought everything was set in stone, the Vanir Empire turned against him and attacked Midgard.
The chaotic situation gave Forseti the opportunity to fight back with the support of the former Midgardian Royal Guards and Knights.
And the story continues…

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