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Step into the realm of RAGE NIGHT, where a captivating cosmic Fight Promoter has gathered an extraordinary ensemble of brawlers, warriors, and misfits hailing from distant corners of the galaxy. Brace yourself for an unparalleled extravaganza of Real Action Galactic Entertainment as they engage in the sector's most-watched martial arts tournament. In this electrifying showdown, combatants must sharpen their skills, unearthing the enigmatic secrets that unlock their untapped potential. Witness the emergence of new mystical abilities and witness their mastery over the deadliest weapons known to any world. Get ready to place your wagers and immerse yourself in the heart-pounding live and online spectacle as these intergalactic champions collide in the latest chapter of RAGE NIGHT!

Esports Wagering:

Introducing Esports Wagering, an innovative platform that enables players to bet their coins against one another. This competitive betting system empowers players to double their coins upon victory, claiming the entire pot.

Leader Boards and Rewards

Rage Night has introduced leaderboards for both Multiplayer Arena Mode and a separate leaderboard dedicated to Esport Wagering. The top 5 performers in each category stand to earn substantial rewards. With the leaderboard resetting weekly, every participant has a chance to compete and seize the rewards.

Engage in an exciting single-player campaign with a map-based progression system:

Embark on an epic adventure with our brand new single-player campaign, where completing levels on the map unlocks exciting prizes. Immerse yourself in a captivating battles and conquer challenging quests to claim amazing rewards.

Discover an expanded arsenal of weapons, including cutting-edge gear and Express yourself with a wide range of new emotes:

we've also introduced a wide array of new weapons and emotes in this version. Arm yourself with cutting-edge gear, from powerful swords to futuristic Weapons, and customize your gameplay like never before. Express yourself with an extensive selection of emotes, allowing you to communicate and celebrate your victories in style.

Competitive Online Multiplayer:

RAGE NIGHT features a robust online multiplayer system, allowing players to compete against each other in real-time matches. Climb the ranks and become a top player on the global leaderboard. With matchmaking and dedicated servers, you'll always be able to find a fair and competitive match.

Customize, Train, Invite and Fight!

RAGE NIGHT allows players to customize their fighters with unique weapons, flags, entrances, victory selections, and skins that can only be earned and not bought. Additionally, this game provides the opportunity for players to invite their friends for private real-time matches, as well as live in-game global leaderboard ranking stats. To ensure a fair match, the game allows both players to start from left to right in their own screens.

Easy for First-timers:

Everyone is a Champion! Beginner-friendly intuitive controls allow players of all skill levels to compete. With a Single-Player Mode and one-button Special Moves, you control the fight.

Customizes your Fighters:

Customize your fighters , Weapons, Grand Entrances and Celebrations, over-the-top Taunts and shameless Victory celebrations. You run the show!

Fully-featured Multiplayer online modes:

Supported with a robust netcode which offers a stable and smooth online and Real-Time Multiplayer experience.

Players can aim to top the Global leaderboards in ranked matches, or invite friends for casual games.

Multi-Platform Cross-Play:

Play your way on your Android devices or on other available platforms. Invite a friend or challenge another player across devices to battle it out in real-time PVP ranked matches to become RAGE NIGHT Champion.

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