Werewolf (Party Game)

Werewolf (Party Game)

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About Werewolf (Party Game)

The Village is your mission: You will attempt to save it or destroy it.

Werewolf is an online casual social game with ultra-high degree of freedom. It is a social APP that combines performance, reasoning, deceits and logic. Meanwhile, it is also a social APP that integrates dating, chatting and making friends.

Werewolf games perfectly meets your demands:
——Just One-click matching, you can easily get access to chat and date with people.
The game provides a complete dating system.Have a romantic date with your favorite partner!
You can post your favorite moments in the circle of friends and chat with people from all over the world. You can play games and make friends at the same time. And it is more fun to play together with friends.

——New mode, start your brainstorm.
Werewolf is the best choice for chatting and dating and it is also the best game for friends’ party! It combines a variety of game modes and new different ways of playing! The game owns its original custom modes, so you can combine freely with your favorite professional lineup and experience the battle of intelligence between the investigation and deceits!
Try to let more people believe in you, and use the unique ability of the character to help your camp win.It is more exciting to PK with your friends.

——Gorgeous costumes, cute pet partners and cool props!
This game provides you thousands of costumes with different styles, such as funny, cute, handsome. You can combine them randomly to create your unique image and make a difference! You can also hatch cute pets and take them join the game together.
The game provides you a special wedding room and special wedding props, which is the best choice for dating and chatting after the game. Cool props let you stand out from others quickly!

——Nervous but exciting! Time killer!
Without boring waiting and unrestrained by the places, you can start the game immediately anytime and anywhere. Werewolf is the most interesting social game and the best time killer. Come to join the Werewolf Party to play games and make friends! And let it drives away boring!

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