Alice's Dream:Merge Island

Alice's Dream:Merge Island

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About Alice's Dream:Merge Island

Welcome to Alice's Dream:Merge Island, the best merge game! A magical world where you can merge, match, and build your way to create the most beautiful dreamland! Traverse through time and join classic characters from the "Alice in Wonderland" IP to save the fantastical world. Let's play with your friends!

In this game, the merge gameplay is rich, novel, and offers endless possibilities and combinations. Combine three identical items into one or merge five into two, and unlock new and rare resources, buildings, and characters. Plus, the "Ring Game" feature adds an extra layer of fun and excitement to challenge your skills and strategy.

Dress up your character in a beautiful and diverse dressing system with hundreds of fashion items to mix and match, and create your unique style. Plus, explore an unknown and enchanting magic world, collect mystical wands, valuable coins, and enchanting chests to expand your extraordinary world.

Challenge yourself to complete daily quests, collect coins and gems, and complete delicious puzzle recipes for the characters in order to get rewards. In addition, merge your way through challenging puzzles to unlock fantastical creatures, including dragons, griffins, and more!

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