ArcheAge War SEA

About ArcheAge War SEA

Based on the original IP of PC MMORPG ArcheAge

Experience a seamless open world created with Unreal Engine 4

A war to rally the divided world begins

  • A unique high-quality story born from the original ArcheAge universe
  • Four different powers: Ezna Royals, Crescent Kingdom, Andelph Republic, and Marianople
  • An epic war where five different races unite

Diverse races and classes

  • New adventures with more than 100 classes
  • Legendary heroes including Gene Evernight and Aranzebia resurge!
  • A completely new combat experience with various skill combinations

Diverse content

  • From field battles to overwhelming boss raid dungeons of massive scales
  • Pioneer your own trade routes and engage in large-scale naval battles

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