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About 剑侠情缘手游新马版

Tianren Zangfeng, rebirth from adversity
▶The five-color sect general altar is mysterious and treacherous, and the heroes of the rivers and lakes are outsmarting Wuling!
Goulan Washing House New Town opens
▶ Visit teahouses and restaurants to experience the various urban styles of the Northern Song Dynasty
Opera exterior, ancient rhyme spread
▶ Step on the stage to sing and earn, limited to opera-themed exteriors
The phoenix flies and comes from Nirvana
▶ Walking freely in the rivers and lakes, the Phoenix Yu Xiangyun comes
Kokonoe City Casual gameplay
▶ Taste all kinds of Songya and guard the city of chivalry together
Three Heroes and Five Righteousness, different kind of competition
▶ Interesting bodyguards rekindle the heroic love of the rivers and lakes
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