GASH Card (HK)

GASH Card (HK)

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What is GASH Card (HK)?

GASH Card (HK) also known as GASH POINT which provides global game currency issuing services in Gamania and the most recognized payment tool for gamers. It not only offers high quality payment services for gamers but also combines powerful digital entertainment which allows global digital gamers to free immersed in the boundless virtual entertainment world.

What is the Gash Card HK - HK beanfun! exchange rate?

Important note: The exchange rate may change daily depending on the forex exchange rate.

HK GASH POINT卡面额 HK beanfun! 点数
50 125
100 250
150 375
300 750
500 1250
1000 2500
3000 7500
5000 12500

This product is applicable to Gash and beanfun! which are supporting Gash HK.

Please visit the Gash point website for more games!

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