Ngọa Long (VN)

About Ngọa Long (VN)

Crouching Dragon is a high-level strategy game Three Kingdoms extremely attractive, staged on 2D. With any posture from the Pho Ban Legion, Doan Thanh Chien, Vuong Vi Tranh Toan Chien, Hai Chien ... also needs a subtle tactic to turn around and master the game of a good master Minh Chu Ngon Long. Do you believe in your own strategy? Try Crouching Dragon today!

The context is the end of the Eastern Han Dynasty fighting with the appearance of the heroes of the Three Kingdoms distributing the galaxy of Wei (Cao Cao) - Shu (Liu Bei) - Wu (Ton Quyen), you will need to recruit floating martial generals. Languages: Quan Vu, Truong Phi, Trieu Van, Ma Sieu, Gia Cat Luong, Sima Y, Dai Kieu, Tieu Kieu, Chu Du, Diaom Thuyen, Lu Bu, ... to serve their countries. Joining Ngo Long, you will become the Castle owners, build strongholds, recruit forever soldiers, display soldiers, challenge intellect against other players.
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