RO仙境傳說-守護永恆的愛 (TW)

RO仙境傳說-守護永恆的愛 (TW)

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About Ragnarok M: Eternal Love (TW) 

In the Battle of Ragnarok, the alliance of Gods and Giants fought against Demon King Morroc and the dragons. Although Morroc was defeated in the end, all these races suffered a lot. The God Odin went missing, Yimir, the Creator Giant, sacrificed himself to save the precarious Yggdrasil, and the dragons went into hiding in the dark area of the Nine Realms as the defeated. Humans, who were once a weak race, began to prosper in such an environment. In terms of both numbers and power, humans became the most dominant race in the post-Ragnarok era.

As time passed, the trauma inflicted by Ragnarok began to heal, and survivors of Gods and Giants began to emerge. Even the dragons were sighted by a handful of humans. On the other hand, Demon King Morroc regained his power and began to covet the World of Yggdrasil again, which possessed enormous energy.

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