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Goddess of Genesis (SEA)

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About Goddess of Genesis GoG:

Goddess of Genesis is an epic anime saga featuring the countless heroes of the world. In this fascinating land of fantasy, you must forge your own destiny, using mysterious tarot cards to summon the most iconic heroes of the world to join you in battle. What's more, these heroes have each been redesigned in innovative new ways, creating an experience like nothing you've ever seen. With an amazingly high summoning rate, Goddess of Genesis ushers you into a world where you can easily create a team of SSR heroes and form a strong lineup to save the world from darkness. Featuring fully-3D high-definition character models that express the personality of each character with unprecedented detail, Goddess of Genesis welcomes you to a beautiful land where can command your team of heroes in battle and marvel at stunning skills and gorgeous combat animations you'll want to watch again and again.

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