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Guild Wars 2 Power Leveling 1-80 + Any two professions lvl 1-400

  • Game: Guild Wars 2
  • Member Discount: none
  • Price: US$ 127.30


1. GW2 Power leveling 1-80 by doing quest
2. All rare drops stay in your backpack
3. Complete certain quests
4. Free 3000 Karma
5. Free 5 ECTO
6.Anyone profession 1-400(Armorsmith,Artificer
Tailor,Weaponsmith )
7. 100% manual leveling with account guarantee
  • Pending time
    3 days
  • Game server
  • Account name
  • Character name
  • Remark
  • Total: US$ 127.30
  • SEAGM Credits: 53,301

Guild Wars 2 Power Leveling Note:

  1. Level up is the main concern;
  2. Refrain to login during Power Leveling session as it will interupt our agent from the game. Please inform our customer services if you need to login into game.
  3. All valuable loots or achievement chest will remain and retain in your character inventory.

Login detail required. Please fill detail required in remarks before placing order.

  • Login email:
  • Login password:
  • Authentication code to login for the first time.
  • Choice of your crafting discipline if any of packages that include.
  • You may update your login password and removed any saved or approved IP address once Power Leveling are completed.