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Likee Diamond

Likee Diamond

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Likee Diamond

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About Likee Live:

A Short Video, LIVE Broadcast & Social Community. Young people from all over the world gather on Likee to meet interesting people. You will not only get a chance to meet tens of millions of celebrities and talented artists from around the world but also get to make friends with young people from your city or near you!

About Likee Diamond:

Likee Diamond is an in-app currency paid for with real money. You can buy gifts for your favorite creators to give to someone as appreciation for their work or to say thank you.

How to top-up Likee Live Diamond:

  1. Select the Diamond denomination.
  2. Enter your Likee ID.
  3. Check out and select your payment method.
  4. Once payment made, the Likee Diamond you purchased will be credited to your Likee Account shortly.

How to find Likee ID:

  1. Use your account to login the Likee Live.
  2. Click on your Likee profile picture on the top-left corner.
  3. Click "View or Edit your Profile".
  4. Your Likee ID will be displayed below your Likee profile name.
how to find likee id

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  • ranentelecom61629630345
    Good web site and very fast
  • saerabd1
    Thank you for your efforts. The diamonds arrived quickly, but I have a question. Can I buy more diamonds, but pay later via a monthly bill?
  • ranentelecom61629630345
    Good web site thankyou
  • abdoalkrim
  • shabuz45491624881036
  • Pruna Codrut Aurelian
    Very good thanks You