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SAWA Recharge Card (SA)

SAWA Recharge Card (SA)

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SAWA Recharge Card (SA)

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    $ 8.49
    Kredit SEAGM 3,524
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About STC Pay

stc pay is your secure integrated digital wallet. Now, you can make all your usual financial transactions securely and effortlessly in one app - in addition to new and innovative features designed to enhance and present solutions to current socio-financial behaviors. For instance, through the stc pay digital wallet, you can transfer, receive, purchase, manage your spending, but furthermore, you can share group expenses with your contact list - whether friends or family - using the Shared Wallet feature.. all of that and more using your virtual account through the digital wallet.

How to recharging stc through sawa Recharge cards or Recharge e-vouchers:

    Select one of the following methods: (from left to right)
  1. Call #, then recharge number, *155*
  2. Send a message to 900 with: Recharge number (space) 155
  3. Call 1500, and select recharge from the list, then insert the recharge card code.
  4. Log on to the website sawa recharge page then insert the mobile number to be recharged, then the recharge card code.

Important Notes:

New Sawa Recharge Card
  • overprinted with (Including VAT) without mentioning the percentage: The tax will be collected from purchase price starting from July 1.
    Example: When purchase and activation on July 1, the balance of the recharge card of 100 at 115 SAR will be 100 SAR

sawa recharge packages include 15% VAT:

Recharge Card Balance Price *
sawa 20 recharge card 23 SAR 20 SAR
sawa 25 recharge card 28.75 SAR 25 SAR
sawa 30 recharge card 34.5 SAR 30 SAR
sawa 50 recharge card 57.5 SAR 50 SAR
sawa 100 recharge card 115 SAR 100 SAR
sawa 200 recharge card 230 SAR 200 SAR
sawa 300 recharge card 345 SAR 300 SAR
*Price includes 15% VAT

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    where is the code
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    Quick and Effecient (at least more than the mySTC website or app that I could not use remotely from France with my French Visa Card ...) Tahnk you very much !
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