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NJOI Prepaid Reload - Astro (MY)

NJOI Prepaid Reload - Astro (MY)

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NJOI Prepaid is Malaysia’s FIRST prepaid satellite television service.

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About the NJOI Prepaid Reload - Astro (MY)

NJOI Prepaid is a pay-as-you-watch service and is now available to all NJOI customers nationwide. With NJOI Prepaid, NJOI customers have the option to access additional content on top of the existing 49 TV and radio channels, in accordance with their viewing needs and budgets.

How to Reload NJOI account?

Follow the simple steps below:

  1. Obtain the 16 digit code of the prepaid code as shown in your order as PIN
  2. Type [space] 111 [space] IC Number 16 Digit Pin Code and SMS to 33310. (RM0.00) No additional charge except for standard telco charge applies.
  3. NOTE: If you have more than one NJOI account kindly use your Smart Card number and NOT the IC number of the registered NJOI account holder