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World of Warcraft (EU) Legion Expansion Boost Level 100 - 110

  • Game: World of Warcraft (EU)
  • Diskon Anggota: tidak ada
  • Harga: US$ 63.85


Character's Level 100

Boost your character from Level 100 to 110 by completing majority of Legion expansion's zone storylines
Attain equipment with min iLvl 790
Discover majority of Legion expansion's flight paths
All valuable loot during session will retain in your inventory
Free 5000 Gold
100% handwork Power Leveling
  • Waktu tunda
    2 days
  • Server Game
  • Nama Akun
  • Nama Karakter
  • Keterangan
  • Total: US$ 63.85
  • Kredit SEAGM: 25000