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World of Warcraft (US) Fast Power Leveling 110-120

  • Game: World of Warcraft (US)
  • Diskon Anggota: tidak ada
  • Harga: US$ 101.23


Introduction:Strong launch 110-120 Fast Leveling special service packages by hand
1. Most of 110-120 Quests Done(Being fast to get lv110 not landing some maps. Quests can't be finished there.).
2. Most Flight Paths Uncovered.
3. Free 6000 Gold
4.Exalted with a Major City depends on Your Choice
5.Equipment properties reached 265
6. Estimated time: 1-2 Days.
Accomplished by our highly experienced and skilled staff, playing your character by hand."
  • Waktu tunda
    2 days
  • Server Game
  • Nama Akun
  • Nama Karakter
  • Keterangan
  • Total: US$ 101.23
  • Kredit SEAGM: 40,999