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World of Warcraft (US) Green Fire Quest

  • Game: World of Warcraft (US)
  • Diskon Anggota: tidak ada
  • Harga: US$ 14.07


Purchase Requirement:
Requires your Character Level 90 with 1,000 Gold and Item lvl 520+(All PVE Pieces).Warlock Only
If you are at the last step of the quest,please buy directly. If you haven't got the quest or finished the previous parts, please choose to buy the whole quest line(You must get the Sealed Tome of the Lost Legion.If you don't have,please buy one on AH by yourself). We will finish all the things for you.
  • Waktu tunda
    1 day
  • Server Game
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  • Total: US$ 14.07
  • Kredit SEAGM: 5,739