Lineage II: Revolution (KR)

Lineage II: Revolution (KR)

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About Lineage II: Revolution (KR)

A revolution of mobile games, Lineage 2: Revolution

■ Smithing Main Profession Expansion, and Talisman Slot Enhancement
Increase your Combat Power even more through Slot Enhancement that has a 100% chance to succeed!

■ Mount Soul Imprint Added With Enchantment Expansion
Experience even stronger Mount strengthening through the newly added Mount Soul Imprint!

■ New Pendant Available Through Gem Crafting!
Imprint a gem onto the new Pendant, Transcendent Time, to increase additional stats!

■ Alchemy Expansion! 4 New Special Elixirs are available!
Prove your powers by strengthening with Special Elixirs that are specialized for PVP!

■ Class Balance Improvements!
Experience even stronger classes through balance adjustments made to specific classes!

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