Flexepin (UK)

Flexepin (UK)

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Flexepin, an easy way to spend on websites globally - Fast, Secure and Private!

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About Flexepin (UK)

Flexepin (UK) is a cash top-up voucher that allows users to top-up existing accounts for easy online shopping without credit or debit cards, whilst protecting personal identity and financial information. Shopping with Flexepin (UK) reduces the threat of online fraud as no sensitive information is ever requested.

How to use Flexepin (UK) ? Refer the simple step below:

  1. Visit Flexepin authorised online web stores globally. (You can check if a website is authorised by testing their URL HERE)
  2. Select Flexepin (UK) as your payment method.
  3. When prompted, enter the numerical digit PIN.
  4. Check your Flexepin Balance: HERE.