Granado Espada SEA

Overview of Granado Espada

Granado Espada Online offers a unique gaming experience to gamers worldwide. With over 30 million players, the world of Granado Espada Online takes place on a newly discovered continent. Based on America during the Age of Exploration, Granado Espada’s online world is divided into different maps and grouped into themed regions such as forests, tropical jungles, plains, swamps, deserts and ice fields.

Currently under the control of the fictional Kingdom of Vespanola as a colony, the continent is in a crisis. This was caused by the negligence of the home nation due to a war in the Old World.

Granado Espada SEA Game Story Background:

No knowledge of this background is required for players to play the game, but it adds some color to the overall experience. Much of this information is learned in the game by talking to various NPCs.

The story begins in the old world of Orpesia, with the country of Oporuto. Oporuto was starving, and in need of an economic uplift. Their trade with resource-rich Katai had been cut off by the armies of Targa, Illier, and Vespanola to the East, and to the West they were blocked by the dreadful Dark Sea.

On the continent, a feud between the Royalists, which supports the Vespanolan crown and the Republicans campaigning for independence has broken out.

The Vespanolan Queen has ordered a policy of Reconquista for the continent by attracting more people from the Old World to settle down there. As a player, you will take on the role of a pioneering family from the Old World. Explore the continent and eliminate anything that will threaten your survival and the survival of people.

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